April 16, 2017

Behold, this is our God
for Whom we have waited
that He might save us

~Isaiah 25:9~Capture


Happy Easter and welcome to Dayton Avenue this morning.  God is worthy of all our praise and we are glad that you have come to worship Him with us.  He is risen!

If you are a first-time guest, I hope you received a little loaf of homemade bread and gift bag as you were greeted on the way in (if not, be sure to get one on the way out!).  We are glad you are here.

Every spring we receive a special offering to give an extra gift toward ministries here in North America.  The Annie Armstrong Easter Missions Offering helps fund new church plants, community centers, ESL classes, ministries to those with special needs, and manaay other great Christian endeavors.  Today is the last Sunday for this offering, and we still have a way to reach our goal.  Can you give an extra gift today?  Special envelopes are included in this bulletin.

Welcome to our new missionaries-in-residence in our mission home  the Coules family – they will be arriving this week.  Invite them over for dinner or take them out to eat and learn what God is doing in France.  May God bless you greatly as you live for Him this week
Declare Xenia
is coming on Sunday evening, April 30th.  Check out an important video announcement on our church’s Facebook page.  The Living Well Clinic is hosting a fundraiser banquet on April 29th – more info is on the bulletin board across from the mailboxes.  The Miami Valley Women’s Center Walk 4 Life Event is happening May 13th – and our church coordinators have a table set up in the café area to help you be involved.

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