April 23, 2017

But set Christ apart as Lord in your hearts
and always be ready to give an answer to anyone
who asks about the hope you possess

~1 Peter 3:15~road

Welcome!”  That is the word we often use to greet new friends, and it is a word that has a special meaning in this place.  We welcome one another because of the love that God has showered on us through His Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord.  May the “welcomes” we extend and receive reflect Him today.

Thank you for giving to the Annie Armstrong Easter Missions Offering – with today’s offering, we should reach our goal!  Wednesday evening is AWANA Awards night, finishing off a great first year of this ministry!  Thank you to all our faithful AWANA workers and leaders, especially our co-commanders Keith, Nancy, and Eric Svendsen.

Declare Xenia is coming on Sunday evening, April 30th and we have ice-cream coupons available in the church office for you to pick up and use to bring fiends to the event (check out the video announcement on our church’s Facebook page).  The Miami Valley Women’s Center Walk 4 Life happens May 13th – and our church coordinators have a table set up in the café area to help you be involved.  Finally, Mothers’ Day is coming May 14th along with our Baby Dedication service.  If you are parents of a little one that you would like to dedicate to the Lord, please call into the church office so that you can be included.
Next Sunday morning will be the last worship service many of our college seniors will attend.  We are so thankful for our students and the joy and vitality they bring to our worship together.  If you are a graduating college student (with any degree), we want to recognize you with a special gift next Sunday morning.

Thank you all for the many ways you worship the Lord through serving our church family and our community.  I hear stories of how God is using you, and it greatly encourages me.  Keep it up… God promises you will reap in joy!  We love you and are here for you.

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