August 18, 2019

“Your kingdom come,
Your will be done
on earth as it is in heaven.” ~Matthew 6:10~

Welcome to worship this morning and a special welcome to our college students who are arriving for the fall.  We have missed you!  If you have come to Dayton Ave for the first time today, we are glad you are here and hope you will expereince the love of the Lord here!  Please stop by our Welcome Desk and get a gift bag with a loaf of bread and helpful information. 

We had anticipated completing a building project this past summer that would have given us additional seating in our sanctuary worship services.  The Lord changed our plans, and as a result, we are asking for volunteers to adopt the 11:00am Livestream Service (in the youth room) in order to make more seats available in the sanctuary service.  We’ve improved the sound system, enhanced the seating, and upgraded the refreshments for you there!  Thank you for your help.

Another Baptism Celebration is coming soon.  If you want to publically proclaim your faith in Jesus through baptism, please talk with me or any of our pastors soon.  Awana begins in 1 ½ weeks and we need more faithful adult workers to help our children grow strong in their faith.  If you are willing to serve the Lord in this way, speak with Pastor Robert or Nancy Svendsen today. 

Gerry & Cathy Kimble and Daniel Thompson joined our church last Sunday.  Welcome them today if you haven’t done so already.  Next Sunday morning we will observe the Lord’s Table together.  Parents: please feel free to use this as a teaching opportunity and involve your children (the elements we serve are gluten free). May the Lord shine His face on you this week as you live for Him.