December 9, 2018

“We have seen and testify that the Father has sent
the Son to be the Savior of the world.

~1st John 4:14~

Welcome to Dayton Avenue this morning.  We come together in the name of Jesus our Savior, joining with millions of other people around the world to worship the One who has paid the ransom so that we could be forgiven and have eternal life.

Yet there are still millions of people who have never even heard of Jesus, which is why we highlight the Lottie Moon Missions offering every December.  There is a direct connection between our gifts here and changed lives all around the world.  The videos we show each week demonstrate how the seeds we sow today can bring forth fruit for decades to come.  Our prayers all throughout the year and our gifts during this month of emphasis are equally important.  Thank you for praying and giving.

This evening is the final presentation of the Christmas program Behold the Lamb of God.  Come back at 6:30 and bring a friend.  Next Sunday at 11:00am is the Children’s Christmas Program – our kids can’t wait to sing and share their Christmas praises with you.  Our Christmas Single Worship Service schedule begins next week (more information inside this bulletin).  Next Sunday evening is also a special business meeting – we’ll vote on some extra missions gifts, a recommendation concerning the first phase of our next building program, and next year’s ministry budget.  Please come and participate.

Don’t forget to check your church mailbox regularly.  They are a great tool to use for encouraging one another (and saving some postage with your Christmas cards).  If you do not have a mailbox yet, please call the church office and we will give you one.  There is a Christmas food basket insert again today.  Thank you for helping us encourage others at this time of year. May God bless you and keep you this week.

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