February 18, 2018

I will sing to the LORD, because
He has dealt bountifully with me.

~Psalm 13:6~

Welcome to Dayton Avenue – we are so glad you have come to worship today.  Romans 4:20 describes Abraham as “growing strong in faith and giving glory to God.”  What a great statement: I hope that is true in all our lives today, too.

It’s a great privilege to celebrate the baptism of Jeff Smith and Greg Clark this morning at the end of the 11:00am Worship Service.  If you are ready to take this important step of obedience as a follower of Jesus, I’d love to talk with you about it.  We do baptisms as often as we can – it’s one of the best church family things we do!

Our new Grief Share ministry began last month to help and encourage folks after the death of a spouse, child, family member, or friend.  Each meeting covers stand-alone material, so you can join us this Thursday evening, February 22nd at 6:30.  People of all ages are welcome to come.

Thank you for putting up with somewhat uncomfortable conditions, especially in the 11:00am worship service.  On the one hand, it’s a wonderful thing to be a growing church!  On the other hand, having to sit on the front row or in the overflow is not a wonderful thing!  So, we’ve re-activated the Long Range Planning Committee and are retooling so that we can begin a 3rd service again.  I will be sharing more with you this morning about all of this, especially about our vision and plans for the 3rd Worship Service.

As we gather together corporately today, let’s do as the verse above declares: sing to the LORD in gratefulness for all His bountiful grace.  We have so much to praise Him for.  Don’t forget the Cedarville University Orchestra concert (and carry-in dinner) tonight at 6:00.  It is an honor to serve the Lord together with you.

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