February 24, 2019

“The sorrow that is according to the will of God produces a repentance without regret, leading to salvation, but the sorrow of the world produces death.” ~ 2nd Corinthians 7:10~

Welcome to worship at Dayton Avenue this morning.  If you are a first-time guest, we give you a special welcome.  We pray you will experience God’s joy and peace, and be strengthened in your faith today.

In the past I’ve challenged all of us to Pick the LONGEST Line.  When we go shopping, we instinctively look for the shortest checkout line because we don’t want to get stuck waiting.  We may develop similar routines in every aspect of life to maximize speed and minimize our contact with people… and we wonder why we never seem to get opportunities to share Jesus’ love with others!  Will you take the challenge again this year?  Pick the longest line, say a quick prayer, and then spread some joy to the people you’re “stuck” in line with. God might redeem that extra little wait time with an opportunity to give a word of encouragement or even invite someone to church. 

Next Sunday evening at 6:00 there will be one more special business meeting concerning the building expansion project, this time to choose the general contractor.  Renderings and floorplans are posted in the display case outside the church office for you to look through, but feel free to talk with Pastor Chavies or any of the Long Range Planning Committee members (Zane Butcher, Jim Gruenberg, Donna Mathews, Steve Miller, or Kirsten Vooys).

You may have noticed the American flag in the display case in the foyer.  This is Howard Jordan’s flag, presented at his funeral as part of his military honors.  The flag’s case itself is also special – some of the wood is from the pews of the old church destroyed in the tornado – the church Howard helped build!   We love you and are praying every day for you.  May the Lord bless you this week as you live for Him.