February 25, 2018

We have seen and testify that the Father has sent the Son to be the Savior of the world.

~ 1st John 4:14 ~

Welcome to Dayton Avenue – thank you for joining us in worshiping Jesus our Savior today.

One of our college students once sent me an email and his sign-off at the end was, “Until the nets are full!”  What a great reminder of the commission we have been given.  Our sermon series this year has centered on this theme, and I am excited to see how God is using all of you to renew our focus on outreach this year.

Last week I announced that we will begin a 3rd Worship service again due to growth in our worship attendance.  When it is difficult to find a parking space or a seat, you might get tired of that and quit coming.  Please Don’t!  We need you here.  On March 18th, the 3rd Worship service will take place in the Youth Room at 11:00am.  I’m not going to describe it in detail here, but I will say that we are working to make it worth your while to check it out because we think some of you will really prefer the different ambiance.  In fact, you may find that the 3rd service is very conducive to inviting your friends to come to church with you.  I also announced that we are re-activating our Long Range Planning Committee to develop strategic solutions to our ministry needs and vision.  Please keep this in your regular prayers.

I’ve been reminded again this week how much we need to be praying for one another, and especially how much I stand in need of your prayers.  Thank you for your prayers.  I am praying for you.  God is at work!  May He be exalted in our lives as we live for Him in the days ahead.

Until the nets are full!

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