February 9, 2020

See how great a love the Father has bestowed on us, that we would be called children of God…” ~1st John 3:1a~

 Welcome to Dayton Avenue this morning – no matter what your week was like, you’ve made it to church today, and it is a great privilege to praise and worship God together with you.

This week I reread something I wrote ten years ago about how most popular songs and movies share two common themes: our hopes (for a better world, to become better people, to enjoy rewards) and our fears (of pain, of death, of loss of control).  These are the things people think most about – Christians and non-Christians alike.  When we hear people talking about the newest movie or popular song, we can talk with them about these themes and perhaps have an opportunity to share our faith in Jesus with them.

In two weeks, Bill Babione will be equipping us during our Sunday Evening services in The Art of Conversational Evangelism.  I am personally excited to learn from Bill, and I encourage each of you to join the series.  The Children’s Choir begins the same evening, too!

Tonight at 6:00 is a special business meeting to consider new information from our Long-Range Planning / Building Committee.  Please come if you are able.  If you are ready to take the important step of baptism to declare your faith in Jesus, please speak with Pastor Jon to be included in the upcoming Baptism Celebration

Our amazing church administrative assistant, Morgan Straw, will be taking maternity leave in the near future.  She has trained a team to cover for her (and keep us pastors from disaster!), so you will see some new faces in the office.  Welcome to new members Antonio Muñoz, Bob & Claire Bolha, and Adam & Melissa Satterthwaite who joined our church last Sunday.  Greet them today if you haven’t already.  We love you, we pray for you, and we are here for you!