January 19, 2020

In quietness and confidence
shall be your strength. ~Isaiah 30:15~

Welcome to Dayton Avenue today.  By the time you get a chance to read this, you have probably made your way to your seat, talked with people along the way, and are catching your breath as the service begins.  Take a moment to silently pray for our worship time together – that God will be pleased with the worship of our hearts and that He would cover us with His grace.

We need your prayers and help as we search for a new Pastor to Senior Adults.  A draft job description in posted in the main foyer and across from the children’s desk.  Please turn in recommendations or applications to the church office.  On February 9th at 6:00pm we will have a special business meeting to consider a new proposal from our Long-Range Planning / Building Committee.  Please plan to come.

We are planning another Baptism Celebration soon. If you are ready to take this important step of obedience and identification, please speak with Pastor Jon so we can include you.  For those of you considering joining our church family, there is a member information luncheon next Sunday after worship.  Please fill out the insert/RSVP in today’s bulletin and place it in the offering plate if you can join us. 

You should have received your year-end giving statements by now.  I want to publicly thank those who faithfully serve many hours in our church’s stewardship ministry: the Finance Committee, the Money-counting Team, and especially Shirley Cain, our Financial Secretary and Bill Chavies, our Treasurer.  Offerings are an important aspect of our worship; thank you for your faithful and generous giving!

As we try to clear out the distractions of life and quiet our hearts before the Lord today, may you find the strength and confidence in God that will energize you for what He has called you to.