June 16, 2019

“The whole purpose of education is
to turn mirrors into windows.” ~Sydney Harris~

Good morning and welcome to Dayton Avenue.  Happy Father’s Day to all Fathers and Grandfathers.  We thank the Lord for you.  We have a special gift for all men today, and I’m not talking about some bag of chocolate truffles, I’m talking beef jerky!!  Many of you have plans with family and friends today which is why we do not have an evening service tonight.  Relax and enjoy your time together honoring our fathers.

When was the last time you had one of those moments when it was like someone turned on the lights for you and you could truly understand something for the first time?  That is what is referred to in the quote above. That is also our prayer this morning; that as we worship and study God’s Word together today, we see beyond ourselves, beyond the musicians and preacher, and are able to look through the windows of heaven to see God clearly.

Last Sunday I shared information about the upcoming Costa Rica mission project.  If the Lord is leading you to give a special gift toward this project, please just indicate “CR mission” on your gift so that our counters can direct it properly.  I also gave an update on the Saturate Xenia home-to-home distribution of the Jesus film dvd.  You can pick up a map and a supply of door-hanger bags & dvds from any of our pastors to help us canvas our community.

Jesus has ascended back to heaven, is making a place there for us, and will come again so we can be with Him.  But He has left us here to do His work.  Let’s serve Him with all our hearts.  We love you and love serving with you.  May the Lord pour out His grace on us and help us live joyfully for Him this coming week.