June 17, 2018

Lord, You have been our dwelling place
in all generations.
~Psalm 90:1~

Welcome to worship at Dayton Avenue today.  We have been praying for the Joy of the Lord to fill this place.  Each of us has a part in that happening: by our singing, our thoughts, our words, and our smiles.  Thank you for coming and letting God’s love shine through you.

A special welcome to all Fathers and Grandfathers today.  We thank the Lord for each one of you.  Pastor Caleb will be bringing the challenge from God’s Word this morning.  Many of you have plans to spend time with family and friends today which is why we do not have an evening service tonight.  Relax and enjoy your time together and give honor to whom honor is due – our fathers.

Seth and Anita and their wonderful family moved into our mission home again this week.  One of the greatest blessings we have here at Dayton Avenue is the on-going friendships we are able to make with repeat residents of our mission home!  Take time this week to reach out to Seth and Anita (maybe even invite them for supper).

Our Long Range Planning Committee is working on our facility expansion needs and hopefully you’ll be able to see some progress soon.  Earlier this year I asked you to consider joining me in tithing your tithe to help us be in a more debt-free position (ie., giving 10% of our regular offerings and clearly identify it as “10-10” or “debt”).  Already this year the Lord has helped us give an additional $21,000 toward this goal!  Thank you for giving and praying.

Sarah and I are out of town with family this week celebrating the graduation of her niece.  We are missing your celebration of Levi Dean’s baptism here this morning , but our hearts and prayers are with you. We are truly blessed to serve the Lord together with you.

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