June 18, 2017

 “The measure of a life, after all, is
not its duration but its donation.”

~ Corrie ten Boom ~

Welcome home at Dayton Avenue this morning!  It is really wonderful to worship the Lord together with family.

Happy Father’s Day
to all our dads!  Fathers love it when their little children give them a picture they have drawn.  They will point to the dog (scribble #1) under the chair (scribble #2) upon which they have drawn a picture of daddy (scribble #3). To some, these pictures look like a bunch of crayon scribbles, but that’s because they don’t know the artists.  Those imperfect pictures tell a story about the love and joy and abilities that make each child unique.

God our Father loves the painting we paint with our lives for Him.  He could have painted His own masterpieces, perfect in every detail, but He wants our work of love and takes great joy in all of our expressions of worship to Him.  Today is art class!  Let’s take time to look upon Him, and to paint with all the bright colors of worship we can find.

The Lives at Steak summer outreach training session videos will be posted on our website soon! Click on the scrolling banner on the homepage.   We are praying that God gives each of us someone to reach out to this summer.  If you give using the eGive online giving system, please login and update your account (or create a new one).  The system implemented a major upgrade last month.
Pastor Robert and Abigail Walker are scheduled to arrive sometime tomorrow with their moving van!  If you can help them unpack (toward evening), please call in to the church office for details about how to help.  Next Sunday Evening after our Bible Study (@6:30), we’ll have another Town Hall Meeting at which I’ll share an update on the security breach incident last month.  We do not have an evening service tonight: relax and enjoy family time together and give honor to whom honor is due – our fathers and grandfathers. God bless you.

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