June 2, 2019

The LORD takes pleasure in His people…. ~Psalm 149:4a~

Welcome to Dayton Avenue this morning.  The verse above is so encouraging – as we, His people – gather to worship Him, the Creator of the universe takes pleasure in what we are doing here!  And not in some global sense, but He takes pleasure in *us* here in this room today, whether or not our hearts are in exactly the right place as we begin to worship.  He is such an amazing, loving, forgiving Father.

I will be sharing more from the platform this morning about this evening’s OutPour event.  Please come back at 6:00 for a meal (we’ll be serving hotdogs and hamburgers), some training, and explanations of the “Saturate Xenia” project we will be doing this summer (giving copies of the Jesus film dvd door to door).  This effort is a great way that each of us can be obedient to Jesus’ Great Commission to tell others about Him starting right here in our own community.  We need your help – there are 17,500 in our zip code that we hope to reach sometime this summer! 

During June, July, and August there are two unique summer Bible studies you can participate in.  The Spiritual Gifts study began this past Wednesday evening at 7pm, but there is still room for you to join.  A new LifeGroup for post-high-school women on the life of Abigail begins this morning at 11:00.  Speaking of LifeGroups, summer is a great time to join a LifeGroup if you don’t already belong to one.  Stop at the Welcome Desk and we’ll help you find which ones to check out.

We pray for you and thank the Lord for you.  It is a privilege to serve Him together.  May the Lord shine His face on you today.