June 24, 2018

Pray for me that words may be given to me in opening my mouth boldly to proclaim the mystery
of the gospel.
 ~Ephesians 6:19~

Welcome to Dayton Avenue this morning.  Nothing is more important than what we are doing together today – worshiping our Lord and Savior!  Whether you are a first time guest or a regular family member (either in our front or our back worship service), we pray that you experience a warm welcome and the love of God in this place.

If you are a member, you should have received a letter this week with information about a special business meeting coming soon.  We are looking to begin the process of adding a Senior Associate Pastor position to our church staff.  The letter contained details and explanations behind this combined recommendation coming from our Personnel and Deacon Committees.  Extra copies of this letter are available for you today at the Welcome Desk.

I am excited about the July OutPour plans and will share more about it in our service today.  The bulletin insert will help you be reminded to pray for and remember to attend!  It begins with a carry-in supper (BBQ provided!), followed by a time of testimonies and instructions, then prayer before heading out to serve.  A very important and strategic part of OurPour is coming together each month for this meal, so I am asking you to please come and participate.  For more details about what OutPour is, go to our church website (daytonave.org), click on the Media tab, then on Audio, and listen to the OutPour Kickoff recording.

I have missed being here with you these past two Sundays traveling to the Southern Baptist Convention and then to Pennsylvania, and am really glad to worship with you all again.  I love you, thank the Lord for you, and pray for you every day.  God bless you this week.

CLICK HERE to see inside this week’s bulletin