March 1, 2020

Give, and it will be given to you. They will pour
into your lap a good measure—pressed down, shaken together, and running over.
~Luke 6:38a ~

From January–March of 2018, I preached a series called “OutPour” about the importance of letting God work through us in the lives of others.  Here is the definition of what that can look like and where the term OutPour came from: God places something in our hands that, when we pour it out into the lives of others that God is leading us to, He multiplies it, does amazing things through it, and is praised because of it.  Since then, many of you have been doing exactly this!

 Welcome to worship this morning at Dayton Avenue.  We are so glad that you have joined us! We have been praying that Jesus will be lifted up, and as a result, each one of us will grow stronger in our walk of faith.

This evening at 5:30, come back for a free meal (tacos) and a time of training in The Art of Conversational Evangelism by Bill Babione.  Bring your children and after supper have them join the Avenue Kids’ Choir while the rest of us are becoming better equipped for God to work through us.  Also, please don’t forget to turn in your nominations for new Deacons.  The guidelines you should follow are in our constitution (which is on our church website under the     About Us tab in the What We Believe section). Nominations will close on Sunday, March 22nd. Thank you for prayerfully helping with this.  Finally, plan now to join the celebration of our church’s 60th Anniversary on Sunday, April 19th.  More information will be coming your way in the weeks ahead.

To be forgiven and to know Jesus personally is the greatest gift we can possess… and share.  God bless you as you continue to grow strong in your faith day by day.  Check inside this bulletin for other important information on upcoming events and opportunities.  We love you and are praying for you this week.  We are here to help you.