March 17, 2019

“He [Jesus] must increase, and I must decrease.” ~John 3:30~

Welcome worship at Dayton Avenue this morning.  Years ago when ministering in Hawaii, we noticed the little symbol HE>i all over the island.  It was printed on bumper stickers and on clothing.  It very simply declares that He [Jesus] is greater than I.  What a great way to keep Christ’s priority in front of our eyes and minds.  I mention this because Bill Babione will be preaching today on John the Baptist’s declaration in John 3:30. Sarah and I are wrapping up our trip to the Holy Land this week, but we haven’t forgotten you!   We miss you and are praying for you this morning. 

If you are interested in learning more about our church, you are invited to the New Member Info Luncheon next Sunday after church.  Meet our Pastors and their families and ask any questions you may have; no strings attached!  Just fill out the RSVP insert.

At the Welcome Desk and Children’s Check-In area are “tickets” to the premier showing of The Pilgrim’s Progress film, here at our church, Sunday evening March 31st.  You don’t actually need a ticket to attend, but we’ve printed these so you can use them to invite your friends and family.  If you bring someone who doesn’t have a church home, we’ll also give you a voucher for free ice cream after the film! 

If God has enabled you to give a special gift toward our upcoming building expansion project, now is the time we need it!  Lord willing, we’ll have a ground-breaking (and/or wall-breaking) service before Easter and then work will begin shortly after that.  Just mark your gift “Building.”  Thank you so much.

A film crew will be here on Wednesday evening 3/27 and Sunday morning 3/31 recording for a new website welcome video.  Info will be sent to parents so you can know what to expect.  God bless you.