May 20, 2018

“Age is a matter of the mind.
If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter!”

~Mark Twain~

Welcome to worship at Dayton Avenue today.  Whether you are in our front service or our back service, we pray that you will be encouraged and strengthened in your faith in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

God tells us in Hebrews 12:13 to “make straight paths for your feet.”  This verse often makes me think about road construction!  The purpose of straight paths is to allow the traffic of the Holy Spirit’s ministry to flow smoothly through us into the lives of others.  The verse sounds simple, but it means years of orange barrels.  Making straight paths for our feet takes daily prayer and surrender, but the payoff is a great blessing!

There are many in our church family who’ve acquired the wisdom that comes from years of orange barrels (!) and we want to honor them.  Today is Senior Adult Sunday and we have the greatest group of seniors anywhere.   I hope to be as grace-filled and sweet as they are when I get to be their age.  The quote above really does describe our seniors – age doesn’t hold them back from ministry.  We thank the Lord for our seniors, and will recognize one in particular – the Senior Adult of the Year  – for faithful and exceptional service to our church.

We will also be observing the Lord’s Table in our worship today.  What an awesome way to remember the cruelty of His Cross, the selfless-ness of His Sacrifice, and the magnitude of His Great Love for us.  Observing Communion is an act of obedience as well as a personal recommitment to live our lives for Jesus.  That is what true worship is really about – committed service to our Savior.  [Note: the elements we serve are gluten-free.]

We love you, we pray for you, and we are here for you.  Don’t hesitate to call on any of us pastors this week.

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