May 27, 2018

Let him who boasts boast of this,
that he understands and knows Me…..

~Jeremiah 9:24a~

Welcome to the worship service this morning.  If you are a first-time guest, please stop at the Welcome Center and get a little loaf of homemade bread as well as a guest card.  I would greatly appreciate it if you fill out that card and give it to me afterward.  We promise not to put you on a mailing list (but I will send you a letter thanking you for coming today).  This morning we are beginning our summer sermon series on the Attributes of God.

Can I encourage you to try our Back Worship service this summer?  The setting is more relaxed, with lots of comfortable seating around tables (and snacks, too!).   I think it would be a great place to invite some of your friends who don’t normally go to church.

There is a New Member Info Luncheon after church next Sunday.  If you are interested in learning more about Dayton Avenue, you are invited to meet our Pastors and ask your questions over a free lunch; just fill out the bulletin insert RSVP and put it in the offering today.

On the floor of the platform – out toward both ends – are supplies of our church ministry notebooks.  The sermon note pages fit in these, making it easy for you to organize your Bible study materials and use it as a prayer journal.  They are a free resource for you, so if you don’t have one yet, please help yourself to one today.

We are planning another Baptism Celebration soon.  If you have received Jesus as your Savior and are ready to take this important step of obedience and identification as His follower, please let me know so you can be included.  Remember that there is no evening service tonight – enjoy celebrating Memorial Day with your loved ones.  Our church office is closed tomorrow for the holiday, but don’t hestitate to call on us this week.  God has been so good to us all, and it is amazing to see Him at work here in our extended church family.

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