November 25, 2018

“Our constant sacrifice to God
should be the praise of lips
that give thanks to His name.

~Hebrews 13:5 (Phillips)~

Welcome to Dayton Avenue this morning.  We come together in the name of Jesus our Savior, joining with millions of other people around the world to worship the One who has paid the ransom so that we could be forgiven and have eternal life.  That is what we are most thankful for today.

When the paint ages on old paintings, it sometimes becomes translucent, allowing us to see what happened underneath the paint: pencil sketchings, mistakes, and elements of the image that have been overpainted in the final product.  Interestingly, the term that describes this is pentimento which is Italian for repentance!  As we live our lives, what are the pencil sketches that come through clearly on our canvas?  What are the mistakes that have been overpainted with Grace?  Each of us here today is a work of art that our Creator is crafting… and He’s still working on us.  What touches will He add to our canvas today?

Christmas is coming and there are many special events coming next month to help us celebrate Jesus’ birth and share the good news of His coming to save us with our family, friends, and neighbors.  The insert this week will help you keep track of them all.

Caleb and Hayley Hasty joined our church last Sunday – be sure to welcome them in the weeks ahead if you haven’t already.   A while ago a pastor encouraged me to keep serving.  He said, “Jesus is almost here!”  Those words excited me because I believe it is true.  We may not have much time left, so my prayer for each one of us is that God will enable us to take the next step forward in our Christian walk, whatever that may be.  Don’t hesitate to call on us.

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