October 13, 2019

“You can do more than pray, after you have prayed. 
But you cannot do more than pray
until you have prayed.” ~S.D. Gordon~

Welcome to Dayton Avenue.  God is worthy of all our praise and we are glad that you have gathered to worship Him with us. Whether you are a first-time guest or a long-time family member, we pray that you are drawn closer to Jesus.

Prayer, when done the right way, is letting God know that we recognize we can’t live our lives without Him.  We often don’t pray because we think we can handle it on our own.  It is wisdom to admit our weakness and come to God for His strength.

Many of you are prayer “warriors” – not in the sense of power and ability, but in the sense of a clear vision. You see the utter dependence we have on God, as individuals and as a church, and you intercede to God on behalf of these needs.  Thank you for your ministry of prayer.

We have a great need for prayer today.  As a church, pray for God’s leading and glory as we minister to each other and reach out to our community. As individual believers, pray that God will help each of us consistently grow in faith and walk closer to Him.  And once we have prayed, we can live our lives in such a way that God’s grace and strength can be at work in us and through us.

The quote above should be applied to our worship this morning.  Take a few moments to silently entrust yourself into His hands this morning to accomplish all that He desires to do.  Then devote your energies to worshiping Him in song and thought and Word. We love you and thank God for the privilege of serving Him together with you.  May God bless you richly this week.