October 6, 2019

“Sunday is Market Day for the soul.” ~Puritan Saying~

Welcome to worship at Dayton Avenue.  Things may seem a bit hectic this morning with all of the preparations for the Community Harvest Festival later today, but we are praying that our time in worship will cause us to rest in our Savior.

This afternoon’s Festival (from 4:00 to 6:00 pm) is designed for you, our church family, as well as for our neighbors, so please come and enjoy the music, games, pony rides, hayrides, magic show, food, face-painting, and much more!  And it is all free!!  Invite and bring your friends and neighbors, help with the event as much as you can, and meet new people tonight as we reach out with the love of Jesus to them in many tangible ways.

The picture on the front cover of this bulletin is awful!  It gets your attention, but you aren’t quite sure why I like it so much that I put it on the bulletin cover this week!  In fact, you may have looked at the picture and concluded that you just plain hate it, but even still, you probably can’t help looking again even right now.  Temptation is that way; we don’t like it, even hate it, but find ourselves pulled in far too many times.  Temptation is one more reason why our study of Genesis is so relevant.

Market Day for a Puritan was a big deal.  You worked at home all week raising crops or producing handcrafts and goods, then on Market Day, you (and the rest of the community) travelled into town to buy, sell, and trade products as well as connect socially with one another.  So, welcome to Market Day for the Soul (what the Puritans called the Lord’s Day).  I pray your “business” here feeds your soul.  May God bless you this week as you live for Him.