September 15, 2019

“God created man in His own image,
in the image of God He created him;
male and female He created them.” ~Genesis 1:27~

Welcome to worship at Dayton Avenue.  We have been praying for God’s grace to cover us as we worship Him and learn more about Him from His word, the Bible. And, we will be celebrating the baptisms of six people today at the end of the 11:00am worship service!  Thank you for joining us today.

My father was a wonderful pastor, a godly man, and a great father to me.  I’m now roughly at the age my father was during my teenage years – the snapshot of him that is most indelibly fused in my memory.  Sarah often tells me that my mannerisms are just like my dad’s, and I see it myself when looking in the mirror.  And that makes me happy.

We come today to God’s creation of man in Genesis 1-2.  “In the image of God…” is the phrase that the Bible clearly emphasizes in the account, so it is a fact that you and I also bear the image of God.  Do we see Him reflected in our mannerisms, our character, our choices?  That is our challenge from God’s Word today.

Don’t forget the Ray Roberts missions offering that we are receiving this month.  It helps fund Ohio church planting and camp ministry.   Thank you for prayerfully partnering in this.  Sarah and I will host another Marriage TuneUp this evening at 6:00 in the Youth/Crew room.  We’ve designed this for all married couples (not just struggling couples) because we all have room to grow!  Children’s Choir (grades 2-5) and childcare ministry (for your younger ones) is available.  Come and learn with us.

It is an honor and a great blessing to serve the Lord together with you, our church family.  May the Lord bless you this week!