September 24, 2017

“Sunday is Market Day for the soul.”

~Puritan Saying~

Good morning and welcome to Dayton Avenue Baptist Church.  God’s mercies to us are new every morning, but there is something special about worshipping together on Sundays that open the windows of heaven’s mercy even further.  May each of us experience a heart full of new mercies from our Gracious God today.

Market Day for a Puritan was a big deal.  You worked at home all week raising crops or producing handcrafts and goods, then on Market Day, you (and the rest of the community) travelled into town to buy, sell, and trade products as well as connect socially with one another.  So, welcome to Market Day for the Soul today… I pray your “business” here is very profitable.

Thank you for your generosity to both our special Missions Offering supporting church planting and camp ministries here in Ohio *and* your gifts to help with disaster relief.  You can still give to these special offerings this week.  Next Sunday, October 1st is our Community Fall Festival!  This is a great outreach event for our community and we need your help inviting your neighbors to come and then serving that night.  Please keep this in your prayers.

We’ve received several new church members these past few weeks: Peg Rickard, Sarah Harris, and Robert, Jennifer, and Molly Grice.  Make sure you see them and give them a warm welcome (if you haven’t done so already).  Praise the Lord for the safe arrival of Esther Walker – Pastor Robert and Abigail’s first baby.  God bless you this week as you live for Him.

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