How eGive works

By completing the eGive sign-up you will be able to instruct your bank to electronically transfer cash from your personal checking account to Dayton Avenue Baptist Church, either on a one-time basis or on an interval basis. You will be able to designate your contributions toward the General Budget, the Building Fund, Missions, Benevolence, or any area of ministry at Dayton Avenue Baptist Church you desire. If you wish to adjust or even discontinue any automated giving that you schedule, or if you wish to change the amount and frequency of your giving, you simply change your giving instructions on your eGive account.

Is eGive safe?

Yes. eGive utilizes the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network, which is a nationwide electronic payments system used by more than 20,000 financial institutions, 4 million corporations, and 135 million consumers. The Automated Clearing House (ACH) processed a total of 10.017 billion automated clearing house payments valued at $27.4 trillion during 2003 according to NACHA – The Electronic Payments Association. As a result of this network, eGive guarantees an accurate electronic cash transfer from your account.

When and how is my online giving confirmed?

Once you have completed the eGive sign-up, you will receive a receipt of each of your transactions immediately via email. If you experience difficulties or have other questions that the link below does not, please call the church office or email

Giving Online


Giving through eGive is convenient for you, but it does cost the church a small monthly fee. If you are considering interval giving (monthly or bi-monthly or even weekly automatic payments), consider setting that up directly with your bank by making an appointment with one of their branch personnel or even doing it through your bank’s online banking services. Giving directly through your bank accomplishes the same thing, but there are no fees that the church has to pay.